49. Color Field

Here’s a FIRST PLAY review of a new game that I think you might like. Color Field is a 2024 game from 25th Century Games designed by Mondo Davis with art by Peach Benitez. The game Color Field puts players in the role of painters creating colorful pieces of nonobjective art.

2 months ago

47. Tortuga 1667

In this episode, we board the Jolly Roger and steal from treasure from a Spanish galleon in Tortuga 1667!

4 months ago

46. The Wolves

In The Wolves, we build our packs and carve out our territory!

5 months ago

45. Under Falling Skies

In this episode, we try to save the planet from a relentless alien invasion in Under Falling Skies!

6 months ago

44. The Blood of an Englishman

In The Blood of an Englishman, we see if Jack can steal the goose that lays golden eggs from the giant at the top of the beanstalk!

7 months ago

43. Tennessee Game Days

In this episode, I try out a new format by giving very brief reviews of ten games I played at our local board game convention, Tennessee Game Days, earlier this fall!

9 months ago

42. In Vino Morte

In this episode, we review In Vino Morte and try to figure out if our opponent put the poison in our glass or in his glass in the game!

10 months ago

41. After Us (First Play)

In this “First Play” bonus episode, we take a look at the game After Us from Pandasaurus Games. It’s a 2023 game designed by Florian Sirieix with art by Vincent Dutrait.

11 months ago

40. Unmatched

In this episode, we see what happens when heroes from stories and legends battle it out in Unmatched!

11 months ago

39. Blazon (First Play)

In this “First Play” bonus episode, we take a look at the game Blazon from 25th Century Games. It’s a 2023 game designed by Dave Conklin with art by Ian O’Toole.

1 year ago

38. Royal Visit

In this episode, we battle for the honor of hosting the king in our chateaus in Royal Visit!

1 year ago

37. Isle of Skye

In this episode, we become Scottish chieftains expanding our lands in… Isle of Skye: From Chieftain to King!

1 year ago
Box cover of Kohaku depicting a red and white koi fish

36. Kohaku (First Play)

In this “First Play” bonus episode, we take a look at the game Kohaku from 25th Century Games, a 2020 game designed by Danny Devine with art also by Danny Devine!

1 year ago

35. Mysterium

In this episode, we work together to solve a murder in the game with no words… Mysterium!

2 years ago

33. Gobblet Gobblers

In this episode, we take a look at Gobblet Gobblers, a game that you’ll want to know about if you’re tired of playing tic-tac-toe!

2 years ago

32. Outfoxed

In this episode, we work together to catch a sneaky, pot-pie-stealing fox in the cooperative kids game Outfoxed!

2 years ago
Carcassonne with the Inns & Cathedrals expansion

31. Carcassonne

In this episode, we build cities and farms and roads in the modern classic, Carcassonne!

2 years ago
Game board and components for Bristol 1350

29. Bristol 1350

In this episode, we review Bristol 1350 and try to avoid a pandemic like it’s the 14th century by escaping the city on an apple cart!

2 years ago