Game board and components for Bristol 1350

29. Bristol 1350

In this episode, we try to avoid a pandemic like it’s the 14th century by escaping the city on an apple cart in Bristol 1350!

Game board and components for Bristol 1350Bristol 1350 is a lively game for up to nine players about escaping the Black Death in Bristol, England, in the 14th century. Publishing a game about escaping a pandemic during a pandemic is something of a bold move, but it’s exactly what board game publisher Facade Games did in 2021. In this episode, we review Bristol 1350 and recommend it, at least for those of you who are okay with the theme.

Player character cards from Bristol 1350This episode also features a very special guest, Travis Hancock, who designed and published Bristol 1350 with his wife Holly Hancock. Travis and Holly are the two-person team behind Facade Games and all its games. Travis has some fun behind-the-scenes stories to share, as well as a pretty substantial tease about their next game, coming to Kickstarter in January 2023!

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Music: “Open Road” and “Summer in Paradise,”

The Bristol 1350 game box, which looks like an old book

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