32. Outfoxed

In this episode, we work together to catch a sneaky, pot-pie-stealing fox in the cooperative kids game Outfoxed!

Outfoxed is, I’m pretty sure, the only board game where players take on the role of detective chickens. You see, Mrs. Plumpert’s prize pot pie has been snatched by a sneaky fox, and it’s up to a plucky group of detective chickens (or is that chicken detectives?) to figure out which fox is the culprit before he or she scampers off with the pot pie.

Outfoxed is a charming cooperative game perfect for ages 4 to 8 and the adults in their life. You roll dice, you move your detective hats, you find clues… it’s all accessible and colorful and perfectly family friendly. It’s definitely a kids game, but adults and older siblings who like spending time with their littles will find Outfoxed just complex enough to be engaging.

Since my kids have outgrown Outfoxed, I asked my friend Sara to talk with her daughter, age five, about the game. What Sara sent me was the audio from perhaps the most adorable play session ever!

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