37. Isle of Skye

In this episode, we become Scottish chieftains expanding our lands in… Isle of Skye: From Chieftain to King!

The Isle of Skye is one of the large islands off the northwest coast of Scotland, famous for its stunningly beautiful landscape and as the home to the Scottish clans of MacLeod and MacDonald. This mountainous land suitable for fishing and farming is the inspiration for the 2015 board game Isle of Skye: From Chieftain to King designed by Alexander Pfister and Andreas Pelikan currently published by Lookout Games. In the game, two to five players take on the role of rival Scottish chieftains trying to claim the best lands for their clans.

Here’s a photo from my very first game of Isle of Skye at TN Game Days 2016!

A friend of mine describes Isle of Skye as “Carcassonne meets Tunica.” It features the same kind of tile laying fun that the classic game Carcassonne features, as well as a tile buying market that often feels like you’re gambling on your clan’s future! According to my Board Game Stats app, it’s my fourth most played game, and it’s the game I’ve played in the most different locations. That’s because I love to introduce it to new players, and I’ve done that at game nights and family gatherings for years. I’m very excited to finally review Isle of Skye here on the podcast (with a little help from the 12-year-old).

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Music: “Open Road” and “Romance of the Isles,” https://www.purple-planet.com/.

Some of the many scoring conditions found in Isle of Skye
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