46. The Wolves

In this episode, we round up some lone wolves and carve out our territory in… The Wolves!

The Wolves is a 2022 game designed by Ashwin Kamath and Clarence Simpson with art by Pauliina Linjama and a quality production from publisher Pandasaurus Games. In The Wolves, between two and five players each controls a pack of wolves vying for territory across a wilderness. This game is richly illustrated with tons of wolf tokens to represent your packs spreading across a semi-randomized map full of different terrain types. It has a unique action selection mechanism that uses those terrain types. I really like this game. I like how clever it can make me feel, I like the liberty it gives me to be as aggressive as I can be, and I like how quickly it escalates.

This episode features a review of The Wolves, as well as the podcast’s first-ever family color commentary segment!


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“Open Road” and “Sunbeam” by Purple Planet.

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