47. Tortuga 1667

In this episode, we board the Jolly Roger and steal from treasure from a Spanish galleon in Tortuga 1667!

In Tortuga 1667, players take on the role of pirates attacking Spanish ships near the island of Tortuga and stealing their gold. Half of the players are secretly working for the British and half for the French. At the start of the game, you know which team you’re on, but no one else does. As you play the game, triggering event cards, attacking the Spanish galleons, brawling on the island of Tortuga, and occasionally committing mutiny, you’ll start to figure out who is on which team. There’s treasure to be had in the game, and at the end of the game (triggered by the arrival of the Spanish armada) the team with the most treasure wins.

Tortuga 1667 has quickly become a favorite at our monthly game nights because of its quality production values, ability to handle high player counts (up to 9!), and the fun that can be had with hidden roles in the game. There can be a lot of chaos in the game, but usually also opportunities to use that chaos to your advantage, which sounds like the pirate’s life to me.


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“Open Road” by Purple Planet. “Pirates!” by Tabletop Audio.

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