45. Under Falling Skies

In this episode, we try to save the planet from a relentless alien invasion in Under Falling Skies!

Under Falling Skies is a 2020 board game designed by designed by Tomáš Uhlíř published by Czech Games Edition with art by Petr Boháček and Kwanchai Moriya. It’s a solo game about repelling an alien invasion that clearly takes some inspiration from the film Independence Day and from the classic arcade game Space Invaders, with those alien spaceships descending toward vulnerable cities one row at a time. Under Falling Skies is a fantastic solo game, with beautiful components, decisions that are full of painful trade-offs, and a campaign that will keep you returning to the game again and again.

This episode features a rousing speech, an overview of Under Falling Skies and why it’s so so good, a spoiler-warned set of thoughts on the game’s campaign mode, and a special appearance from the youngest member of the First Player Token crew!


Read Tomáš Uhlíř’s designer diary for Under Falling Skies.

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“Open Road: by Purple Planet.

Space Invaders” by SilvaGunner.

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