43. Tennessee Game Days

In this episode, I try out a new format by giving very brief reviews of ten games I played at our local board game convention, Tennessee Game Days, earlier this fall!

Tennessee Game Days is an event held each spring and fall here in Nashville, Tennessee, where people come from around the state and the region to spend a few days in hotel convention rooms playing all kinds of board games with friends and strangers. There’s a library of hundreds of board games you can check out and play, along with a play-to-win room and a distributed flea market.

My time at TGD was spent in two different ways: (1) playing games with my adult friends that we can’t find the time to play any other way and (2) bringing my family to the event and letting the kids pick games to check out of the game library to learn and play.  I thought it would be fun to offer some very short reviews of ten games I played at TGD in September, to give you a sense of what my family and friends and I are playing these days!

Excavation Earth
Dune: Imperium
Lords of Vegas


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