39. Blazon (First Play)

Usually when I review and recommend a board game here on the podcast, I’ve played that game at least ten times. That way I know the game well and I know it has some staying power. That means I usually review older games, but I like to play new games, too!

That leads me to this bonus episode you’re listening to right now. Instead of a scripted and highly edited review of a family favorite game, I present to you my loosely organized thoughts about a FIRST PLAY of a new board game.

Today, we’ll take a look at Blazon from 25th Century Games. It’s a 2023 game designed by Dave Conklin with art by Ian O’Toole.

Order Blazon from 25th Century Games.

Read this interview with Blazon designer Dave Conklin.

See Blazon reviewed in a Dutch heraldry periodical.

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Music: “Open Road,” https://www.purple-planet.com/.


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