Instead of a bookmark assignment this week, I would like you to continue enhancing the cryptography timeline we explored in class last week. You have two tasks:

First, select two existing contributions to the timeline and improve them. Verify the description, as best you can. Include a credible source with citation and, where available, a link. Make sure there’s an associated image or other type of media with citation. And add your initials as contributor.

Second, add two new contributions. See your textbook, our Diigo group, or the Wonders & Marvels essays by past students for ideas. Be sure to cite a credible source, add an image or other type of media, and include your initials.

Here’s the Google spreadsheet that powers our timeline, and here are some instructions for using TimelineJS: general formatting instructions, embedded media options.

Your timeline contributions are due by the start of class on Wednesday, October 21st. Please note: Any work you did in class last week counts toward this assignment, and if you worked with a partner during class, you can both count your contributions. This means that most of you are already half done!