by Daniel Kim

HieroglyphicsOne of the oldest written languages ever, Egyptian hieroglyphics have remained an unsolvable mystery for hundreds of years. And while the intent was not to hide any sort of message, the process of figuring out the correlation between hieroglyphic characters and its meaning took centuries to figure out, which is why they can be considered one of the earliest forms of cryptography known to mankind.

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This article helps make the connections between hieroglyphics and cryptography: how the two relate, or rather how hieroglyphics are the earliest example of cryptography. The fact that this ancient language confused many experts for centuries shows the complexity of the language and the cracking of them would be difficult.

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The actual cracking of the hieroglyphics is what I want to focus on, because this is essentially what I believe makes this language a cipher language. This will go into who figured out the mystery of Egyptian hieroglyphics and how he/she was able to figure it out.

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Related to the source above, this will go into the actual cracking of the cipher language. Specifically, the Rosetta Stone was an instrumental part of the process, so I want to touch upon the rock that holds the secrets of the Egyptians.

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This article will help me get into a lot of basics of Egyptian hieroglyphics, such as its purpose, how it was constructed/made up, and how it was used back in the time of the ancient Egyptians.

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This article, which is actually written by Singh, is an overview of everything from above. This covers mostly its constructs, how it was cracked, as well as several geniuses of the 17th and 18th centuries that were obsessed with the phenomenon.

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