Here’s a draft day-by-day schedule for the course. I’ll be updating this as we go, so check back here for the latest version of the schedule throughout the semester.

The “Modality” column describes how we will conduct class that day.

  • Hybrid = I will be teaching class from Buttrick 301, and all students are encouraged to participate in person. However, I’ll make remote participation available for students who can’t be there.
  • Zoom = I will be teaching class on Zoom. Check Brightspace for the Zoom link.
  • Async = On asynchronous days, students will have a set of activities to complete, but we won’t be meeting synchronously as a class, either in person or on Zoom.
  • TBD = To be determined
Week Date Topic Modality What’s Due
1 Mon, 1/25 Course Introduction Hybrid
Wed, 1/27 Substitution Ciphers Hybrid Introductions
Fri, 1/29 Classical Cryptography Hybrid Singh Ch. 1 &
Quick Survey
2 Mon, 2/1 Modular Arithmetic Hybrid Bookmark
Wed, 2/3 Privacy & Surveillance (Part 1) Async Async Activities
Fri, 2/5 Decimation Ciphers Hybrid 99pi: Perfect Security
3 Mon, 2/8 Prime Numbers Hybrid
Wed, 2/10 Zodiac Ciphers Async Async Activities
Fri, 2/12 Transposition Ciphers Hybrid Problem Set #1
4 Mon, 2/15 Frequency Analysis Zoom (Snow)
Wed, 2/17 Little Brother (Part 1) Async Async Activities
Fri, 2/19 Who’s Winning? Zoom (Snow) Singh Ch. 2
5 Mon, 2/22 Flex Day
Mastery Quiz #1
Wed, 2/24 Little Brother (Part 2)
In-Class Reading Day
Zoom Little Brother
Fri, 2/26 The Vigenère Cipher Hybrid Problem Set #2
6 Mon, 3/1 Paper Workshop Hybrid Draft of Paper #1
Wed, 3/3 Writing Day Async Async Activities
Fri, 3/5 Breaking the Vigenère Hybrid Paper #1
7 Mon, 3/8 The Friedman Test Hybrid
Wed, 3/10 Revision Workshop Async Async Activities
Fri, 3/12 Crypto Goes to War Hybrid Singh Ch. 3
8 Mon, 3/15 Code Girls Async Problem Set #3
Async Activities
Wed, 3/17 Privacy & Surveillance (Part 2) Async Paper #1 (Revised)
Async Activities
Fri, 3/19 Breaking the Enigma Async Singh Ch. 4 and Ch. 5
Async Activities
9 Mon, 3/22 Enigma Combinatorics
Mastery Quiz #2
Wed, 3/24 Podcast Workshop #1 Async Async Activities
Fri, 3/26 Flex Day Hybrid
10 Mon, 3/29 Computer Ciphers Hybrid Problem Set #4
Wed, 3/31 Podcast Workshop #2 Async Async Activities
Podcast Topic & Sources
Fri, 4/2 RSA Encryption (Part 1) Hybrid Singh Ch. 6
11 Mon, 4/5 RSA Encryption (Part 2) Hybrid
Wed, 4/7 Flex Day
In-Class Reading Day
Fri, 4/9 Podcast Workshop #3 Hybrid Podcast Outline
12 Mon, 4/12 Privacy & Surveillance (Part 3) Hybrid Singh Ch. 7
Wed, 4/14 Citizenfour Zoom Podcast
Fri, 4/16 Snowden
Mastery Quiz #3
Hybrid Problem Set #5
13 Mon, 4/19 It’s Complicated Hybrid boyd Ch. 2
Wed, 4/21 Paper Workshop Async Async Activities
Fri, 4/23 Listening Day / Debate Prep Async Async Activities
14 Mon, 4/26 Privacy & Surveillance (The Debate) Hybrid
Wed, 4/28 Flex Day Zoom Paper #2
Fri, 4/30 Course Wrap-Up Hybrid

Please note two additional dates:

  • The final exam for this course (for those who need to take it) will be held on Tuesday, May 4th, from 9am to 11am.
  • The revised version of your second paper will be due Thursday, May 6th, at midnight.