In this day and age, very little is more important in everyday life than keeping safe while on the internet. As described in “the 5 Biggest Online Privacy Threats of 2013,” there are many online threats that many people don’t know about or wouldn’t think about. My biggest advice to you would be to know where your data is, and to be informed about internet safety in general. It sounds basic, but the realization that everything on the internet, even once deleted, can be found again is incredibly important. Companies are tracking your internet usage and interests in order to market to you or even sell your information, and there isn’t a whole lot that government or laws can currently do to protect you against this.

Use the cloud only when you need to access something from multiple devices, so that things aren’t staying on the cloud for longer than 180 days and becoming “abandoned.” For everything else, if you need a backup system or extra storage, use an external hard drive. It’s considered completely your property, and the government can’t look through/request any of it from Google or the Cloud. Also if you need to put something in the Cloud, on GoogleDrive, etc., leave it there for only a short period of time, and when you’ve completed the assignment or project for which you needed it, take it out of the cloud storage! This advice may sound super simple, and perhaps inconvenient to put into practice, especially if you have your entire life’s photo albums in a cloud server, but it can definitely help keep your information private. Advancing technology, while it does make life easier, is not necessarily private or particularly safe!