I want to response to the article “The 5 biggest online privacy threats of 2013” for this book assignment. This article talks about the information you left when you used the internet which might be collected by other people. This is a really big problem and I have two suggestions to the students in the college.

First, try not allow the Web Browser to loge in the webs which you always loge in and have your private information such as Facebook, Twitter, Mail box and so on. If you web browser will open these pages for you when you use the internet, make sure that no one else can use your laptop. One of my classmate have done this before and his laptop was stolen. Days later, his renren (a social website like Facebook) was in a mass. This was really terrible.

Second, remember to clean your record in the history, especially when you are using the public computer. This was not only about the internet. You should absolutely clean the history on the internet because of the reason one. You should also clean some other “history” like the document you downloaded or used. When I use the public computer to print my paper. I was surprised that I can find and read the documents people left before.  People always like to download the document from their mail box or directly copy the film to the computers. Even they might delete the films, you could probably find them in the Recycle Bin.