A Few Favorite Blogs about (Educational) Technology

The other day, I shared a few of my favorite teaching blogs. Today, some blogs about technology, mostly in the service of teaching:

  • Cyberpop! – After following her on her blog and on Twitter for months, I finally met Sidneyeve Matrix at a conference this summer. She was just the bundle of energy and ideas that I thought she would be. She describes her blog as a “digital culture trendwatch,” and it’s a great source of insight into how young adults use social media, mobile devices, and other digital tools, with an eye towards applications to college teaching.
  • Social Media in Higher Education – Rey Junco is a forward-looking researcher who studies social media and its uses in academic and student affairs contexts within higher ed. If for no other reason, his blog is worth following so you’ll know when he publishes a new study, likely one to be widely cited in the future.
  • technosociology – Zeynep Tufekci recently moved to the School of Information and Library Science at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She, too, studies social media, but focuses on its intersection with politics and culture. I found her blog when someone tweeted a link to her amazingly smart post on Twitter’s oral culture. Since then, I’ve found her thoughts on social media’s role in the “Arab spring” particularly insightful.
  • The History 2.0 Classroom – When people ask me to recommend a high school teacher using technology in creative and innovative ways, Greg Kulowiec is the person I recommend. His blog is full of clever and useful ideas for the high school history classroom, most of which leverage students’ own technology (their cell phones) or use free online services.
  • ProfHacker – This is a fantastic group blog hosted at the Chronicle of Higher Education edited by George H. Williams and Jason B. Jones. I’ve contributed guest blog posts from time to time. Not all of their posts are focused on technology, but many are. It’s a great source of ideas and advice for any faculty member.
  • Duke’s Center for Instructional Technology – The educational technologists at CIT are busy people, working with faculty across campus on a variety of projects. They like to share the results of those projects on their blog, making the blog a great place to go to see how innovative faculty and staff are making use of tech.
  • CNDLS Labs – Meanwhile, the good folks at the Center for New Designs in Learning and Scholarship (CNDLS) at Georgetown University are… doing much the same thing. And so their blog is another great source of creative educational technology use.
  • NspiredD2 – The Kaneb Center at Notre Dame University is another teaching center with a strong technology focus. Chris Clark writes for their blog, and he’s always posting links to useful resources, creative ideas, and thoughts about educational technology.
  • Techne – The National Institute for Technology in Liberal Education (NITLE) has a blog that, not surprisingly, focuses on the use of educational technology in the liberal arts, particularly at small colleges. Frequent topics include digital humanities, course management systems, and predicting the future of tech in higher ed.

What are your favorite technology blogs?

Image: “Luminous Idea,” Tiego Daniel, Flickr (CC)

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