Best Season Yet of VandyVox?

Back in 2018, I talked with half a dozen faculty at Vanderbilt who were adding podcast or other audio assignments to their courses. I thought it would be useful to start a new podcast showcasing the best of student-produced audio work from around campus. Thanks to support from Vanderbilt Student Communications and encouragement from the Office of Immersion Resources, we launched VandyVox in early 2019.

VandyVox just wrapped up its fifth season with nine more episodes featuring amazing student audio work. You can listen on your favorite podcast app by searching “VandyVox” or check out the website,, which features extensive show notes on each episode. My deep thanks go to Abhinav Krishnan for hosting this season, especially since I left Vanderbilt during production. He did an incredible job highlighting what works about these audio pieces and helping faculty understand how they might incorporate similar assignments in their courses.

Thanks also to Jad (RadioLab) Abumrad, currently a distinguished research professor at Vanderbilt, for mentoring Abhinav and helping make this VandyVox season so stellar. I’m excited to see what’s next for audio storytelling at Vanderbilt thanks to Jad and Abhinav!

If you’re interested in using audio assignments in your course, please do check out VandyVox for inspiration, ideas, and advice. And consider signing up for my Patreon, since one of the perks there is a six-page teaching guide to audio assignments I wrote last month.

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