During the debate, I think the most important aspect is the arguments of the pros and cons. The arguments are the basic elements in the debate; without arguments, there is not a debate to talk about. What’s more, all the examples and personal opinions are developed based on the arguments and arguments are the basic skeletons of the debate which makes them very important for notetakers. After the argument, the example is less important than it, but it is still essential to debate. Examples are the supports for the arguments which can directly show the thoughts of the debaters. Examples can be used to explain the arguments and how debaters defend their position and point out opponents’ weaknesses. What’s more, the examples can work as an explanation for the viewers who are not able to watch the whole process, which makes it important to notetakers too. Last but not least, the logic between the examples and arguments is important. Although sometimes the logic between the examples and arguments can be easily got by the viewers, the understanding between viewers and debaters may still defer. By taking several sentences of the debaters about the logic, the perplex of the viewers will be eliminated and make the debate more understandable. I think these three aspects are the points that the notetakers need to pay attention to.