I agree with Whitfield Diffie in believing that people should have the right to encrypt their messages to secure their privacy. Would it make sending a simple email a bit more of a hassle? Maybe. However, citizens have the right to be able to hide what they are talking about, and the most anyone else can do is just hope that they are encrypting a message about something legal.

Vanderbilt is able to see the emails that I send and get sent. Similar to when I was enrolled at the University of Alabama, they too could monitor my student email. I would not dare talk about anything that I believed to be illegal or wrong over a student email, but if I wanted to, I should very well be allowed to encrypt my messages. It’s not as if I am actually preventing the school from seeing my emails; they can read my emails, but they just will not be able to understand it unless they have some amateur crypt-analysts on their team who can decrypt my messages.

However, it goes further than just Vanderbilt being able to spy on my email communications. It is not even just limited to communication in general. Everyone has sensitive information in their possession, such as social security numbers and credit card information, that needs to be kept secret. And if they were to be able to use encryption technology, they would definitely be more at ease with having that information on a computer.