People truly deserve the right to encrypt their messages in order to guarantee their privacy. Private is an important part of normal citizens. These citizens behave well and obey the laws, so they deserve the right to keep their privacy. Sending email is what people will almost do every day, which means this is a basic event in our lives. If this can not be realized, the trust between each other will collapse since everyone is under the exposure. What’s more, e-mail makes communication between people easier and more efficient than before. If there is no privacy in sending e-mail, there will be fewer people using this tool. The technology needs to develop, but it must be build based on people’s requirements. Privacy must be one of these requirements and it is in a high position. If people cannot possess their basic demand, people will not be intended for supporting or using this technology. Privacy also provides the feeling of being safe. Without safety, there will be more chaos in society since they are always watched by others and this creates the emotion of fear. In order to gain freedom back again, people may choose different ways to protest, so chaos will be produced. If we cannot have the method encrypted our messages, the company should do that for us and be responsible for their customs since it is we who use the app so that they can make money.