A podcast’s main goal, more than anything, is to keep the listener engaged. Without a compelling way to keep the listener listening, the podcast as failed in essence. And this is the very reason why I think the Panizzardi Telegram podcast is a strong example of an effective podcast: engaging and interesting.

Even despite the fact that only one voice is used throughout the episode, by using various sound effects and music of certain tones and moods, the podcast does an excellent job of engaging with the audience and presenting a more interesting version of the story. The producer does an excellent job of making the podcast like a a parent telling their young child a bedtime story: filled with imagery and details that allow the listener to imagine and see for themselves. I like how the producer opens the podcast with the same scene, just in a first person setting. From my own standpoint, that helped me understand how Alfred Dreyfus may have felt being in the situation he was placed in: confusion and chaos. The fact that I was able to feel those feelings while listening tells me that the podcast has an ability to stir up my emotions. Doing this is most certainly a challenge, yet if I am able to engage the listener, I have been successful with my work.