In the podcast of the VIC Cipher, I find that the producer uses appropriate background music in different scenarios. It really creates the mood of the text and let the audience experience the historical content vividly. When she mentioned about the dropping of the coin, she actually played that sound of dropping coins. This bring the audience directly to the scenario and make audiences curious about the plot of this event. Also, she used a man’s voice to reproduce when the FBI counts the number on the photo. With these setoffs, she makes her podcast interesting and fascinating. What’s more, she chooses a very interesting story about cryptography since the story begins with a coin. It is very unusual and very intriguing. She uses a very unusual beginning of her podcast. It is hard to believe the coin can lead to cryptography, so her beginning draws my attention on her podcast. I get to know a good beginning is helpful to my own podcast. In my podcast, I think I need to find an interesting topic and write an intriguing beginning. Also, I need to make my podcast fluently for the audience to listen to. I also find out we need a good source for our topic which can help building the podcast.