In the book It’s Complicated, danah boyd wrote, “The most creative teens often respond to the limitations they face by experimenting with more innovative approaches to achieving privacy in order to control the social situation”.

Social media is huge in today’s society, and Instagram is one of the most known social media accounts. Many people value their privacy on social media, especially Instagram. Instagram has a feature that allows an account to either be public or private. However, making an account private does not give many people the feeling of privacy that they desire. So fake Instagram accounts, known as finstas, were becoming popular. Fake accounts let people show their true self. I have a fake account, and I only let my close friends follow me on it because I trust them the most. I do not have to worry or stress about the information that I have on my fake account spreading because I completely trust the people that follow me on that account. Having a real account and a fake account is like leading two different lives. The real account is the life that you want people to see, and the fake account is the life that you actually live. I think it is ironic that the fake account shows the real you, and the real account is the artificial version of you. Some people do not find the need of having a fake account, but I do. I just feel like I have more control over the information that I put on social media.

I think that teens making fake Instagram accounts relates to this quote because fake accounts are an innovative way for teens to spread their information, without having to completely worry about what they put on the account. Fake accounts let teens have more privacy. However, I think that teens should still be mindful about what they put on social media. Even though a fake account is a more controlled environment, since it is followed by a smaller amount of people, information can still spread.