Have your parents ever told you that everything they did was for your own good? It is true when they said that they are protecting you out of love, but it’s not always comfortable for children to know that they’re being watched by someone; even this someone so close to them as a parent. This is actually a very common scene between children and their parents nowadays. Parents, caring about their children, don’t want to be kept out of their children’s private life, while children try hard to stay out of the sight of their parents. Trying to control their children not help their children feel their love or caring; but just on the opposite, the children will probably consider their parents as invaders to their privacy. So for the relationship between parents and children, the parents should let their children keep their own secrets. There’s no need for parents to know every single corner in their children’ lives.

Moreover, the children can’t become independent and finally grown up if they always stay under their parents’ protection. In Danah Boyd's book It’s complicated, he said that “When parents choose to hover, lurk, and track, they implicitly try to regulate teens’ practices. Parents often engage in these acts out of love but fail to realize how surveillance is a form of oppression that limits teens’ ability to make independent choices.” Children need to practice their ability to make decisions on their own. They’ll grow up eventually and probably leave their parents for a new family one day or another. It’s important for them not to rely on their parents. Parents are limiting their children’s ability when they try to control everything about their children. So overall, parents should leave their children some private spaces. Too much controlling will lead to a decrease in family relationships and not sufficient opportunities for the children to improve their living abilities.