Basic on the developing of the network all over the world, all of the personal information you posted or you searched is not as safe as past. In the beginning, people think that the information of themselves are very safe until the hacker exists.

Not only you can’t make your information safe, but it also very difficult for the country. In every second, the countries are in the information war. Everyone has asked themselves, “just how good is my password” and this is just the first step. Although you may think you have created a secure password, the likelihood is
that it’s not as secure as you anticipate.

Although we have the password, for some criminals, break your password as easy as using a knife to cut a piece of paper. So you should change your password every 60-90 days to maximize the security of your personal information on the net. Never use the same password for all of your social media, e-mail and financial accounts and always keep your passwords separate.

Protect your personal information is a very important thing to keep your survival on the network if not the criminals and the terrorists can easily use your information to commit a crime. That will not only unbeneficial for you, also it will risk for other net users.