Based on the rapid development of the entire planet in all aspects of the nineteenth century, it is not just industry, art, religion, and politics. The most important thing is that the war broke out more and more frequently.

For an example´╝îthroughout the war, password deciphering may be the most protected secret of the United States after the atomic bomb. Even those working in the Naval Communications Building have very few people who know the existence of these machines and their uses. These machines, which are hidden deep in the chamber, look strange, mostly composed of gears, rotors, sprocket teeth, electric lights and dials. Their official name is "Rapid Analytical Machine" (RAM), but in private they have mysterious and quirky nicknames, such as the copper snake, gypsy, and nuisance. For the few people who are fortunate enough to understand their uses and principles, these machines represent the core secrets of the United States, that is, to decipher the complex passwords of Japan and Germany, the most secret is to decipher the password of the Soviet Union. In the 1840s, they took computing power to the limit.

Until the WW2, with the boring of the computer, the era of brute force cracking is coming, and mathematicians dominate the password war. Leading to the loss of the Atlantic battle in Germany, the card was seen by the Allies. The information age was opened after the war.

Now, although the computers' calculate ability are very mature, but there are also many ciphers need to be decoded, such as the Beale Cipher. Most of the ciphers we used today are helpful for us to protect our privacy, and only a little part of people decipher those ciphers. Usually, some ciphers are made for practice human's brain nowadays.