I listened to this podcast episode and the most interesting part about it was the mysterious nature of those random numbers. Though there are many guesses about what are the numbers for and who receives the numbers, we do not know the truths. More interestingly, numbers stations’ podcasts are accessible for everyone who owns a shortwave radio, making people more curious about them. This podcast episode kept catching my attention with many examples of numbers stations’ broadcasts. They well illustrate the concept of numbers stations, and because people usually get bored with repetitive things, the podcast utilizes various stations' broadcasts in different languages as examples, thus captivating listeners all the time. Additionally, the podcast invited a savant in the studies of numbers stations, David Goren, to give his perspectives on them. The speech from such a professional clarifies the technical aspects of the material and makes them more understandable. I also found the script and pictures below the podcast very helpful. While the script provides the brief content and some links to more information, the pictures give listeners a glimpse at what numbers stations look like so that they can visualize what they hear. Having listened to this episode, I will try to include a variety of detailed examples for my topic; also, I want to complement my podcast with script and pictures for listeners to follow along.