For this bookmarking assignment, you should finish the two tasks I gave you in class on Monday, October 16th, both focused on the history of cryptography timeline this class has been building since 2010.

  1. Select an existing entry in the timeline and improve it. Verify the description, as best you can. Make sure it has an image or other form of media associated with it, with appropriate credit. Include a credible source with a citation and/or link. Be sure to add your initials as a contributor.
  2. Add a new entry. For ideas, see our Diigo group, or the essays prior students wrote for Wonders & Marvels, or your textbook. Be sure to use a credible source and an image or other form of media, with citations and/or links. And include your initials as a contributor.

You’ll do all of your editing in the Google spreadsheet I shared with you. Your improved / new entries are due by 9 a.m. on Friday, October 20th.