After reading the article “The 5 biggest online privacy threats of 2013,” you should be aware of how little privacy you have, in case you were not aware of it already. One of the main things you can do, which is also one of the simplest, is to understand that nothing you post or share on the internet is private because someone will be able to get access to it. Therefore you have to be careful about what you share. Aside from just the common sense approach when it comes to the information you can control, we can talk about the regular information that we share with the virtual world without considering the consequences. As mentioned in the article, whenever we share pictures, our location can be tagged to the picture. It is important to be cautious about this because stalking is a serious issue, and if a stalker gets access to your pictures, he/she will be able to track you. This would potentially put you in danger, so you can take precaution by monitoring your settings. This also applies to being careful overall on social media; even if you change your settings hackers can easily access your posts so if you are one who shares every detail about your life, it gives the hackers all the information they would need about you. Overall, you just have to use your common sense to make the right decisions. As long as you are aware of how little privacy you actually have on the internet, you should become more careful about the virtual footprints that you leave.