After the class discussion, I began thinking about the concept that cryptography and cryptanalysis is dependent on exceptional resources. Upon first reading the chapter, I had considered the cryptanalysis that was done at the time as super basic due to the lack of technology such as computers. However, after further reflection upon the concept of resources during the discussion, I now believe that the people of means did have computing power at their disposal. The people that worked under them were their computers. It is true that a computer can easily brute force a simple dictionary password, but that does not mean humans cannot brute force as well. The time differences may be very different but in the end both processes will yield the password.

Every day our computers get more powerful and capable. It is hard to believe, but probably true, that future generations will be discussing the same topic and thinking about our technology in the same way we view that of previous generations. The discussion made me realize that maybe in a few years our level of cryptanalysis will be considered primitive. Cryptanalysis has evolved so rapidly over the past few years, due in part to the advent of the Internet, and it is hard to imagine what advances are bound to occur.