I’m excited to teach “Cryptography: The History and Mathematics of Codes and Ciphers” again this fall. It’s my favorite course to teach, and I hope you find it interesting, too.

Here’s a copy of the syllabus. Please read this before class on Friday, when we’ll talk about various aspects of the course and I’ll take your questions on the syllabus.

I thought I would share a couple of links related to Edward Snowden and the NSA. During class, I shared this graphic from ProPublica summarizing the various NSA programs that we’ve learned about from Snowden’s link. I also recommend listening to this interview with one of the reporters who put together the chart, which aired on ProPublica’s podcast.

At the end of class, I showed you an Excel file that’s helpful in the cryptanalysis of ciphertext generated by substitution ciphers. Here’s a copy of that Excel file in case you would like to use it to work on the ciphertext I gave you today before class on Friday.

I’ll also remind you that you should read the first chapter in our textbook, The Codebook by Simon Singh, before class on Monday. We’ll talk about other upcoming assignments during class on Friday.