As I mentioned in class yesterday, I’m asking you to revise your opinion essay and submit your revised essay to me by the start of class on Tuesday, October 19th (the Tuesday after Fall Break).

The Writing Studio activities we used in class yesterday–the memory draft, the reverse outline, and the four optional activities–should be useful as you revise. Here’s a PDF of the handout describing those activities. You also have my comments on your papers to guide you.

I’ll grade your revised paper using the same rubric I used for your first paper, then I’ll average your two grades to get your final grade on this essay. If you don’t significantly revise your paper, I’ll instead take 10 points off your first grade.

If you’d like some help with your revision, feel free to stop by my office hours or schedule an appointment with me. As I said in class, you all did pretty good on these papers, but I think with some revision, you have the potential to have some really great papers.

Image: “pen and paper” by Flickr user LucasTheExperience, Creative Commons licensed.