Article: Zurmehly & Leadingham (2008) – Hacking a Classroom Response System?

More from my round-up of articles on clickers in the health professions.  A short, but interesting post today.  Your comments are invited…

Reference: Zurmehly, J., & Leadingham, C. (2008). Exploring student response systems in nursing education. CIN: Computers, Informatics, Nursing, 26(5), 265-270.

Notes: This short article is another introduction to teaching with clickers, although I found it a little too prescriptive for my tastes.  There’s nothing here you won’t find in other articles with one very interesting exception:

To date, there has been no evidence of hacking or compromise to the SRS systems that were evaluated.  As a safeguard against tampering, a computer printout of responses can be generated and saved, to be used as a record for future references and to check for any attempted manipulation of grades.

Wow!  I’ve never heard this worry before.  Have you had to worry about students hacking into their clicker grades?

Image: “Me on Computer” by Flickr user Brian Lane Winfield Moore / Creative Commons licensed

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