My most common work with colleges and universities is through speaking engagements, but I am also available to consult with academic leaders around a variety of teaching, learning, and faculty development topics. Having directed a university center for teaching for more than a decade, I have a deep understanding of the teaching missions of colleges and universities, the role faculty and other instructors play in that mission, and the structures and resources that support both faculty and student success. Through conversations with key stakeholders on your campus, I can apply that understanding to define problems and recommend solutions.

See below for examples of consulting work I can provide. If you’re interested in bringing me to your campus, either in person or virtually, please reach out to me via my contact form to discuss your needs. Please note for in-person consulting, I typically ask the host to cover my travel costs, including food and lodging, as well as provide an honorarium. For virtual engagements, I ask for a smaller honorarium. I’m happy to discuss specifics over email.

Building (or Rebuilding) a Center for Teaching and Learning

Is your institution looking to start a faculty development effort aimed at supporting effective teaching? Having directed a center for teaching for 11 years and served as an external evaluator for other teaching centers, I can help your institution identify its faculty development needs and I can recommend structures and programming for teaching centers to meet those needs. Or maybe you have an existing teaching center that needs new energy, new direction, or new programming. I can work with your teaching center staff to help them build on strengths and expand their impact on campus.

Increasing Effective Educational Technology Use by Faculty

Although many faculty can make more effective use of educational technology on their own (perhaps by reading my book, Intentional Tech), making good use of technology in teaching at scale requires incentives, resources, and support for faculty. The teaching center I directed was the administrative home and primary source of technical and pedagogical support for a variety of instructional technologies. I can work with your institution to identify strategies for empowering faculty to use technology in the service of student success.

Designing Curricula and Courses for Online and On-ground Programs

With nearly two decades of experience consulting with faculty on the design of courses and curricula, I can help academic leaders refine their objectives for new programs, design program- and course-level strategies for assessing those objectives, and consult with faculty and course directors on research-based teaching practices for online, face-to-face, and hybrid contexts. Launching a new program or moving an existing program online involves a lot of moving pieces, but good instructional design is a key element where some outside help can go a long way.