Lecture Breakers Virtual Summer Conference, June 7-9, 2022

I’m quite honored to be speaking at the 3rd annual Lecture Breakers Virtual Summer Conference this coming June! Educator and consultant Barbi Honeycutt started Lecture Breakers as a podcast back in 2019, interviewing guests from all over higher education about ways to create more active learning environments for students. In 2020, the podcast spun out into a virtual conference, and this summer the third iteration of the conference is scheduled for June 7 through 9.

Barbi has assembled a stellar line-up of speakers for this year’s conference! Here’s the list:

  • Susan D. Blum, editor of Ungrading, which I’ve been been reading recently,
  • Jose Antonio Bowen, author of Teaching Naked and Teaching Change,
  • Stephen Chew, master of research-based student study strategies,
  • Jenae Cohn, author of Skim, Dive, Surface on digital reading and a guest on our Leading Lines podcast,
  • Flower Darby, author of Small Teaching Online and a lifeline for many faculty teaching online for the first time in 2020,
  • Susan Hrach, author of Minding Bodies on embodied learning and a very recent guest on Leading Lines,
  • Michelle Miller, author of Minds Online and the just-published Remembering and Forgetting in the Age of Technology, and
  • Newton Miller, author of Why Some Seeds Don’t Grow: 10 Principles for Parenting, Educating, and Mentoring Urban Youth.

Oh, yeah, and also me. Seriously, that’s a very fine list of educators and speakers! And a good list of potential Leading Lines interviews.

I get to bat lead-off, with the first session on June 7th at 12:30pm Eastern / 11:30am Central. There are three virtual keynotes each day, and all sessions will be recorded and made available as videos and a podcast feed to participants. There’s more for participants, including access to the private Lecture Breakers Conference online community and, believe it or not, a virtual swag bag!

Registration for the conference is $397 for individuals, with discounts available for small and large groups. The registration deadline is May 31st, so you have a couple of months as I write this to decide and find the funds. And if you register through this link, I’ll receive a small cut of the registration fee as an affiliate. I hope you can join us this summer!

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