Social Pedagogies: Motivating Students through Authentic Audiences

I led a workshop on social pedagogies, with a focus on social media tools that support such pedagogies, at Elon University this afternoon. This was my first full-length workshop on this topic, and I had a blast leading it. Two big reasons: a group of very engaged Elon faculty with a mix of experiences and skills in social media, and a well-equipped classroom. Have you seen those giant, portable white boards, the ones that are about six feet tall and eight feet wide? We call them “work walls” at my center, and this classroom had not one, not two, but FOUR work walls. This made it really easy to get the workshop participants out of their seats and interacting with each other.

Here’s my Prezi for the talk. You can move through the Prezi by clicking on the forward button, or you can use your mouse to zoom and pan freely through the canvas. And be sure to click on any links you see for more info on the various examples I used.

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