Learning-through-Diversity at the #CIRTLForum

I’m facilitating a workshop on learning-through-diversity at the CIRTL Network Forum later today. The workshop is titled “Leveraging Diversity: The Wisdom of Crowds in University Teaching.” Here’s the abstract:

Our students bring a rich array of knowledge, skills, experiences, perspectives, interests, and values to our courses.  We often recognize the value of leveraging diversity in solving research problems, but leveraging student diversity in the classroom can be difficult, even when doing so is valued.  In this session, we’ll explore some ideas and principles for doing so, drawing on examples of effective crowdsourcing for inspiration.

The workshop draws on themes and content I’ve been exploring in a few talks over the last six months. I’m trying out a new crowdsourcing activity within the workshop today. Hopefully it will go well.

Here’s the Prezi I’ll be using. All the links you see are live, so click on them for more information. I’d love to hear your ideas (in the comments below) for leveraging the diversity present in your classrooms.

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