In writing my paper, a guide on Tor and the Dark Web and a their role in the future of privacy, I have had to research the technology behind Tor and how the encryption and routing scheme works to enable anonymity of origination of user data. Along with the mechanics of Tor, most of my time was devoted to reading articles and stories about Tor to gain a better understanding of the view the media has of Tor and the effect the view has had on the public’s understanding and usage of the tool. I have already finished a draft of the paper, and so the only thing left to do is to further ponder over the question of Tor’s relation to the future of privacy.

The most challenging part of the process was explaining the mechanics behind Tor in a way that was easy to understand for any reader, especially those without a technical background. Overall, the entire paper has been fun to write because the topic itself interests me greatly and has given me the opportunity to give others a better understanding of a useful tool, Tor, and a potentially different perspective on its role in the future of privacy.