For Wednesday

I was glad to meet you all today in class. Things got a bit noisy at the end of class, so I thought I’d put your homework for Wednesday in writing:

  1. Read through all the posts here on the blog. Bring any questions you have to class on Wednesday.
  2. Register your clicker on OAK (as described here) if you haven’t already done so.
  3. Set up your social bookmarking account. See these instructions for Diigo and Pinterest. (So far, Diigo’s taken a commanding lead over Pinterest. I’d really like to have 8-10 of you use Pinterest for this. It’s a good match for data visualization, and I’d like to see how the two services match up for academic use.)
  4. Create an account here on the blog (instructions) so you can respond to future pre-class reading quizzes.

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