Clickers 101

During most classes, we will work through a few multiple-choice questions relevant to that day’s topic using the TurningPoint classroom response system. The general procedure is as follows: I will display a question on the screen at the front of the class, each student will submit his or her answer to the question using a handheld transmitter (usually called a “clicker”) that beams a radio-frequency signal to a receiver attached to my computer, and software on my computer will collect your answers and produce a bar chart showing how many students chose each of the answer choices.

I use these questions to help you engage with the course content, to provide me information on your learning that I use to make the most of class time, and to provide you with ongoing feedback about how well you understand course material. Clicker questions are an integral part of your learning experience in this course.

As a result, I’m requiring you to obtain a TurningPoint XR clicker, like the one pictured to the right, for this course. You may already have one. If that’s not the case, you’ll find these clickers available at the Vanderbilt bookstore. Just ask at the desk in the textbook section.You can also order a clicker directly from Turning Technologies. To do so, visit their online store and use the school code “js8y.”

Once you have your clicker, you will need to register it with this class by logging into OAK, selecting our course, clicking on Course Tools, clicking on TurningPoint Registration Tool, then entering the serial number found on your clicker. I will download this information from OAK, allowing me to associate you with your clicker. If you have any questions or run into any difficulties with this enrollment process, please contact me.

Your response to clicker questions during class will contribute to your participation grade in the course.  I’ll grade on effort, not accuracy, so you’ll get full credit for trying. Please note that you are responsible for (a) registering your clicker via OAK and (b) bringing it to class every day. If you forget your clicker, you’ll receive a 0 for that day’s participation grade. Bring your clicker to class as soon as you have it registered, but I won’t start tracking clicker responses until Monday, January 16th.


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