Problem Sets 101

In this course, you will be responsible for completing a problem set roughly every other week.  Each problem set counts equally, and your lowest problem set grade will be dropped.  Late problem sets will not be accepted, except in extraordinary circumstances.

It is essential not only that you get the right answers on your homework but also that you understand how those answers were obtained.  Some problems will require you to apply the concepts and techniques you are studying in creative ways.  Take advantage of my office hours and those of the TAs when you encounter difficult homework problems.  You are encouraged to work on your homework with other students, although copying another student’s work is not permitted.  If you do work with others on a homework assignment, list your collaborators’ names on your assignment.  That way you can give appropriate credit to your collaborators.

As you’ve no doubt found in your other courses, problem sets are a great way to make sure you understand the concepts and techniques included in a course.  The grades and comments on your work will provide you with useful feedback on how well you understand the course material.  Keep in mind that when you take your exams in this course, you’ll be working on your own, so if you collaborate with others to work on homework, make sure you understand what you’re doing.

Image: “Pen and Paper,” LucasTheExperience, Flickr (CC)

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