Social Bookmarking Assignment #6

For your next social bookmarking assignment, find and bookmark a well-designed infographic. Some of you bookmarked an infographic for your first social bookmarking assignment, the #dataviz one. This time, I want everyone to find a good infographic so that you'll all have examples of infographics to inform your work on your application projects. (If you bookmarked an infographic earlier, you'll need to find a new one for this assignment!)

Not sure what an infographic is? Here are some examples of this genre of data visualization. (The first three were all bookmarked by Math 216 students earlier in the semester. The last one was designed by a senior at Queen's University.)

For Diigo users, tag your bookmark with "infographic." For Pinterest users, include the term "#infographic" in your pin's description.

Also: Those of you using Diigo need to add a picture to your Diigo profile. Any picture will do--it doesn't actually have to be a picture of you. If you're logged into Diigo, you can edit your picture using this link (I think). The Diigo group won't feel so sterile once we get rid of all your default avatars there.

Deadline: To get credit for this assignment, complete it by Friday, April 6th, before class begins.

Optional: Not all infographics are good infographics. "Ending the Infographic Plague" is a recent essay by Megan McArdle, a senior editor at The Atlantic. It's worth a read.

Image: "Interesting Pin," Derek Bruff, Flickr (CC)

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