Midterm Corrections

As I announced in class on Friday, I’m letting you turn in corrections to earn a few points back on your first midterm exam. To do so, turn in your original midterm along with corrections to any problem on which you lost points. Your corrections should be on separate paper from your original midterm. For the multiple-choice questions, your corrections should include not only the correct answer, but also a correct explanation for that answer.

Corrections are due in class on Friday, March 2nd. You’ll be able to earn up to 1/3 points back via corrections. So, for instance, if you made a 70 on the midterm, you can earn up to (100 – 70)/3 = 10 points back on your midterm grade.

You are not allowed to work together on your corrections. Doing so will be considered a violation of the Vanderbilt Honor Code. If you need help on your corrections, come see me or one of our TAs.

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