As an educated young woman in the year 2012, frequency analysis is not a hard concept to grasp. Using it as an aid to breaking ciphers, I apply fundamental knowledge to assess the frequency of certain letters and letter combinations in any given ciphertext. Because I have been reading and writing for over ten years, there is no need to be taught what letters or word combinations occur more often than others, but rather I have the ability to approach the ciphertext on my own. Back in the old days, the ubiquity of education was not as vast, thus citizens would need to be taught the theory of frequency analysis. Because most people worked on the farm and had little time to learn, scholars and highly educated people were the only ones exposed to the idea. It is interesting how these scholars would have to be thoroughly taught math, statistics, and linguistics in order to grasp the idea of frequency analysis, whereas amateurs today can use basic, elementary school logic to decipher a simple code. The fact that young people today can decipher a code using frequency analysis, without having been taught this approach (like we did in class on the first day), highlights just how advanced our society has become.