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Episode 45 – The Fourth Amendment

by Nathan Chang

Rotary phoneThis podcast gives insight into the progression of the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution through time via two court cases, Carpenter v. United States and Smith v. Maryland. These two cases were both integral to how the advancement of technology has affected American legislation by addressing intrusive surveillance technology such as pen registers and CSLI, or cell-site location information. With new technology constantly springing up, our privacy has never been more vulnerable.

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Episode 38 – Carpenter v. United States

by Kurt Urban

Cellphone towerHere’s a story about a man sentenced to 116 years in prison. He appealed his conviction all the way to the Supreme Court… and won. The court’s controversial ruling dramatically changed a new and fast-growing field of law, one that could shape the future of US society. In this episode of One-Time Pod, how the courts are upending the battle between privacy and surveillance.


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