by Wayne Wu

This episode talks about the story of two ciphers that appear in the magazines in the 1980s. A reader named W. B. Tyler wrote the ciphers in a letter and sent to the editor Edgar Allan Poe. The two images below are the two ciphers of W. B. Tyler. After these two ciphers were published in the magazines, these two ciphertexts had been forgotten for about a hundred fifty years and no one had solved these. With the proposition that Tyler and Poe were actually the same person, these two ciphertexts emerged again. Finally, these two ciphertexts were solved, but more mysteries came up. In this podcast, you will not only learn the methods of solving these two ciphertexts, but also the mystery behind the ciphertexts. Want to know more about the mystery of W. B. Tyler and Edgar Allan Poe? You definitely can’t miss this episode.









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