It's a busy week, so here are some reminders and updates.

  • I have added a ninth problem to Problem Set 5. Be sure to download or print the latest version.
  • I've posted your blogging assignment for Friday, asking you to respond to one of the reading questions for Singh Chapter 7.
  • My drop-in hours this week are Tuesday 3-4, Wednesday 2-3, and Friday 2-3. Appointments are always welcome, too.
  • Your podcast episodes are due by the start of class tomorrow. Please post your MP3 files and producer's statements to Brightspace, in the assignment area. To submit your show notes, draft (but do not publish) a blog post with an episode description and information about your sources, including your references in APA format and your audio sources. Here's an example. Use the "Save Draft" button to save your show notes.
  • And once you've submitted your podcast, you're encouraged to start studying for the math exam scheduled for Friday, November 8th. I've posted a study guide with lots of practice problems (and solutions) for you to use.