The podcast on the Zodiac Killer was well made and well produced.  From a technical standpoint, the intonation, projection, and fluency of the speaker made it very enjoyable to listen to the podcast. Often times, even when simply reading from a script, people can falter, trip over words and phrases, and stutter, all of which detract from the listening experience of the podcast. In addition, these kinds of mistakes also decrease the ethos of the speaker, making them seem unprepared or nervous. These issues, however, were not present in the Zodiac Killer podcast. as the speaker delivered her message with clear intonation and projection and few, if any, stutters or mistakes. In addition her speaking style, the incorporation of background music made the podcast that much more enjoyable, as rather than it simply being one person droning on about a subject matter, the background music helps to supplant the voice of the speaker. Altogether, I hope to incorporate these two aspects of this particular podcast into my own, as they seemed to help enhance the efficacy of the podcast and overall make it more engaging.

Beyond merely technical details, the content of this podcast also piqued my interest. Having seen many documentaries and movies about serial killers – even the ones about the titular killer – it was interesting to learn even more about one of the most notorious killers in American history. It was even more fascinating to learn about the killer’s extensive use of cryptography in hiding his killings and communicating with the police and those who would have liked to have stopped him. Altogether, the communication of relevant information in an easy-to-listen-to manner made this podcast interesting and enjoyable, as well as giving me ideas on how to create my own.