The History and Mathematics of Codes and Code Breaking

Month: August 2019

Welcome to class!

I’m excited to teach “Cryptography: The History and Mathematics of Codes and Ciphers” again this fall. It’s my favorite course to teach, and I hope you find it interesting, too.

Here’s a copy of the Fall 2019 syllabus. Please read this before class on Friday, August 23rd, when we’ll talk about various aspects of the course and I’ll take your questions on the syllabus.

On the Contact page, you’ll find directions to my office, which you’ll need for the “get to know you meetings” next week. Be sure to give yourself a few extra minutes to find my office the first time, and feel free to call the Center for Teaching (where I work) if you get lost: 615-322-7290.

I’ll also remind you that you should read the first chapter in our textbook, The Code Book by Simon Singh, before class on Monday.

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