by Arnie Lal

In this episode, I explore the fascinating case of the copiale cipher, including its origins, method of encryption, method of decipherment, and historical significance. This cipher baffled cyptographers for centuries, and only with the power of computer analytics was this beast of a cipher able to be solved. To learn more, I hope you listen to my podcast, which goes much more in depth into all of these issues. If you desire even more information, I have included below links to various websites that I used as my sources.

  1. Link to the full video with Professor Kevin Knight speaking:
  2. Link to a website with a compilation of news articles about the Copiale Cipher:
  1. Link to a website with the full text of the Copiale Cipher translated to English:
  1. Link to a WIRED magazine article about the Copiale Cipher:
  1. Link to Professor Knight’s paper about the Copiale Cipher: