I can say with certainty I would give up some of my privacy to feel safer however, I would not give up all of it. The USA PATRIOT Act passed after 9/11 in my opinion disregards the trust of the American people in the government. For example, part of the USA PATRIOT Act, passed after 9/11 before its revisions, enabled the Federal Bureau of Investigation to tap the telephones of people inside the US without a warrant. This violates the First Amendment because Americans are not free to speak. Someone could be eavesdropping. They can be investigated for exercising their right to free speech. This means their speech is not free, their words cannot be expressed without fear of sanction. In order to maintain a balance between privacy and security there needs to checkpoints to ensure the government is not overstepping the bounds of the Constitution. I believe an effective checkpoint to hold the government accountable to obeying the Constitution is the court of law. There should be a judge, a second opinion who is experienced in executing the law, to permit the eavesdropping on private conversations. If the issuing of a warrant might alert the terrorist that he or she is under scrutiny, the court proceedings can be kept secret and made public when the information is no longer relevant. This way, we can be sure the world Cory Doctorow writes about in Little Brother does not become a reality.